Lunch and ‘Dinner’ with United

I flew yesterday from Orlando, via Chicago and on to San Francisco. Both flights were operated by ex-UA A-320 aircraft, although the experiences could not have been more different.

The flight from Orlando to Chicago was full, and we had the United lunch options of Chicken Salad or a Cheeseburger. As usual I picked the Cheeseburger. Both options come with a nice spicy chicken soup.

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The service took ages to get started but was pretty attentive once it did. The food was fairly tasty and there were warm chocolate chip cookies to finish.

Channel 9 was available as were drop down screen with short comedy shows.

The flight from Chicago to San Francisco was also full, with a lot of seat dupes and people downgraded from Economy Plus to plain Economy. It was a Friday evening and I think everyone wanted to get home. 44 on the upgrade list:
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Only when it came to meal time did the Purser tell First Class that the ovens were inoperable and so there was a ‘Mediterranean Plate’, which was cold. Single option. This was on what supposed to be a Dinner service flight. If anyone had been prepared to say this before departure we could have gone purchased pizza. Even, United could have gone and got Pizza!

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The plate was pretty boring and every passenger was complaining that United thought this was OK. I tweeted the problem via the onboard WiFi to United but  no follow-up has happened. One might have thought that meeting the plane with letters of apology might have been possible.

The upside was that we arrived on time, and Gate 68, whilst a tow-in gate, was only a short walk to baggage claim.

(My evening however was mightily improved with a super upgrade at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, which I will write about tomorrow)

So I am afraid another disappointing way for United to handle a service problem.



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