So exactly what is United’s web site doing with my seats ?

I wrote earlier in the week about a couple of excellent flights with United.

I forgot to mention the moment of panic when I came to checkin online and United’s web site – briefly – thought I was sitting in 15C and not in 1C! Not sure how this happened but the boarding pass came out OK in the end. However, when I reviewed the seats during checkin the plan displayed was:

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Clearly showing me in 15C. I flew in 1C!

I’ve kept an eye open for my other flights this week and noticed that very often the web site does the same thing – moving me to the first row of coach when I’m flying on an upgrade. It’s all OK in the end, but there is a moment of panic when you think you’re in the back of the bus.


  1. I have also had the same issue. In a sort of related issue, I had a confirmed Business-First redemption ticket in June PIT-EWR-MAD. I showed up at the airport in PIT for my onward flight to MAD and my seat assignment was gone and the MAD boarding pass indicated that I would be assigned a seat at the gate. I called United and was told the flight – United’s only flight to MAD – was oversold in Business First and Coach. They said they could get me to various United gateways in Europe in Business First, but I would have to pay out of my pocket the fare for the portion from UA European gateway to MAD. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that I could standby for the MAD flight or pay for the flight from various European gateways (to which there was Business-First space) to MAD. The service director in PIT heard what was happening and called in a favor and got me space on United from MUC to MAD. United is the worst. I have switched to AA. This horrible experience was me trying to burn my miles and leave UA in the past!

  2. P.S. I meant to say LH from MUC-MAD. But, the moral of the story is the same- United is awful.

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