UA removes 747 service from LAX, 777 on all SYD services from 1 April

United has confirmed that it is to terminate 747 service from LAX on 1 April 2014, with the introduction of a 777-200 for it’s LAX-SYD-MEL service. The SFO-SYD service also goes 777 on the same date.

The 777-200’s are a three class service, quashing speculation (at least for now) that an old-Continental 2-class plane would be used. Of course the number of award seats and upgrades will diminish.

A disappointing change, the 747 really was my plane of choice anywhere United flew and I shall miss it on this long run.




  1. Agreed; the B-747 remains, in my opinion, the Queen of the Skies. Just flew an Air France B747-400 from CDG to MIA a couple of weeks ago. Love the plane (and by the way, for those of us who fly coach, it was a far superior experience to US carriers service); regret seeing airlines phasing it out.

  2. I like the 747 as an airframe, but United’s offering in coach has seen better days to put it mildly. Also the E+/E- ratio is a lot worse on 747 than on 777. Since I almost never ride up front anymore I prefer the 777.

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