More revelations about Ryanair


A few days ago I wrote an article examining some of the charges made by Ryanair.

Today, the UK’s Daily Mail reports on some new wrinkles in the operation of Ryanair.

Apparently the article says, Ryanair

  • Rewards staff members who identify oversize or overweight luggage so that customers can be charged to check them
  • Staff are rewarded for selling ‘Priority Boarding’ passes, 25p each the article says
  • The article says that cabin crew earn much of their salary from on-board sales, targeting large and boisterous groups in order to increase sales. The average target spend is £1.70 per passenger.
  • The sales of scratch cards are targeted at 20-30 per flight
  • Of course, Ryanair uses the popular ‘up-selling’ techniques so beloved by fast food stores – ‘Can we Supersize that for you?’ appears to be ‘Would you like a KitKat with your coffee’ on Ryanair.

Interestingly it appears that a majority of the Ryanair pilots and cabin crew are on ‘Zero Hours’ contracts where there is no guarantee of work from the airline.  The airline apparently checks their crew bags to make sure that they contain the required items, including clean underwear and an umbrella. Three inspections with something missing and they are terminated.

Worth reading the whole article if you are thinking of flying with them.


  1. I think you are being slightly unfair to Ryanair. They are exactly what they say they are, a low cost carrier. You can quite easily avoid additional fees by just going for the bare minimum of a flight.
    I have flown with them several times, and each time I have been very happy. They offer cheap tickets and convenient flights.

  2. I don’t know Jarvis, I don’t think the author says anything negative at all. He just records some facts

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