LH shorthaul – AMS-FRA

I was connecting from Amsterdam to Frankfurt on my way to Shanghai and so enjoyed a A319 operated shorthaul trip with LH.

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The business class cabin was pretty empty – just three passengers and so I managed to slip in to Row 1 and enjoyed a pretty good view of the take-off and landing. I am usually an ‘aisle man’ so this was a pleasure.

Good leg room in Row 1 as usual, but as these are reserved for their best frequent flyers they are hard to get in to. Luckily the whole row was empty on my flight so the crew did not mind me moving. I later learned that the manifest tells the crew that the passenger is connecting to First Class at FRA as they mentioned this to me, asking where I was going.

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The food was pretty tasty if not large in quantity:
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The flight featured the new LH coffee cups:
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After landing (on time) at Frankfurt, there was a chance to do some plane spotting:
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A nice flight, with a nice crew, probably helped by being pretty quiet.


  1. It does show them the class for connecting F. If you don’t enter your frequent flyer card it says it on the BP, reads FCL (or something along those lines) instead of FTL/SEN/HON.

    Interesting new coffee cups.

  2. I just did the AMS – FRA enroute to Beijing the other day and we had probably one of the best small lunches that I have ever had in business class – all on a 50 minute flight. Was mighty impressed with Lufthansa for that one. What I wasn’t impressed with was how far away from anything the plane was parked. We taxied for a good 20 minutes, parked out in the hinterland and then rode the bus for 10 minutes!

  3. Hi, have a fun trip. Not to nit-pic but that is a 747-400, not -800. The -800 have scalloped trailing edges on the engine nacelles. And that plane in your pic is dirty. Not a chance the new planes are that mucked up yet.

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