My favourite 9 things about the Lufthansa First Class Terminal @ Frankfurt

Quite a lot of bloggers have covered the Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt – you can read their reviews here:

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It is hard to know what to add!

So here are my 9 favourite things:

1. The Building:
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The idea of having a terminal JUST for First Class – who can’t love that?

2. The Bathrooms

A full size, nay deep bath, with a Rubber Ducky (you can keep) – that has to be a definition of ‘luxury’, surely?

3 and 4. Wining and Dining
A great selection of wines, readily available on request:

Unlimited champagne:

Great food with fresh ingredients:

And a great range of desserts:

5. A quiet work area with a proper desk

6. A place to rest your body and your eyes:

7. Plenty of seating areas

Including a smoking room:

8. And the car to the plane:

My recent stay involved 4 passengers and so we had to use a minibus!

9. Special First Class wallets



  1. Never got the whole bath thing in the FCT! Just feels wrong taking one in the middle of the day, even for a free duck ….

    Food is outstanding, though. I have a quality FRA ZRH BOS in July which lets me do the LH and LX First Class lounges back to back!

  2. Building is ugly, like any other office space. And not clearly connected to the terminal. Did I say the decor is dark?
    Taking a bath in a public place? ever heard of interstitial cistitis? Difficult to treat!
    Food is amazing, better than on the airplanes.
    Car, that is great if you get the car, otherwise you get the van.

  3. If you had to choose between the new F and no FCT or old F and FCT, which would you choose? The would be a first experience for all of the above.

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