Servisair lounge at Amsterdam…dismal!

Some days ago I wrote about the Privium lounge at AMS, available only to people who have the iris scanning entry card used at the airport.

I had a little time so decided to pop along to the regular lounge used by Lufthansa in Amsterdam; the Servisair Lounge.

My travel experience was not enhanced by the visit.


The lounge is an L shape, and this is the main part of the seating area:
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Strange raised seating areas are also available:
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The seats provide little, or no back support. Free WiFi is limited to 2 * 30 minute logins. OK if you have a short time before your flight but as the lounge seems to be used by several Star Alliance airlines this seems a little mean.

The drink and snack selection was dismal:
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Well worth avoiding if you have any real alternative at AMS


  1. I used this lounge prior to a United flight from AMS last year. It wasn’t worth the effort to find it. That’s a rare statement for most Star Alliance lounges in Europe and Asia – they are usually pretty good. This one is just dismal.

  2. 100% agree that this lounge is not worth spending any time getting to or sitting in – unless the terminal outside is unbearably crowded – food was a very tired-looking vegetable soup in late morning with mini-breadsticks and plastic-wrapped cheese slices the only alternative – i was so disappointed that i didn’t even bother checking out the alcohol selection – very unlike me! seems very strange that Star Alliance considers this an acceptable lounge given all their carriers who operate out of AMS

  3. here’s the trick for those who have time – do not bother with the Schengen lounge (popped in there last week to see if it had improved – it has not! if all you want is cleaner more private bathrooms and a very quick soft drink – or really dire wine, then you’ll be happy – otherwise see below)
    had a ton of extra time since the taxi picked me up 45 minutes early – went over to the non-Schengen side and the lounge was completely different i.e. much better! at least a bit more food selection and room to spread out plus not windowless like its Schengen sibling – still no computer terminals unless you want to pay (so tacky!) and slightly inhospitable greeting, but much much better – plus the non-Schengen side of the airport has the mini-Rijksmuseum

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