British Airways withdrawing Row 1 in Club Europe?

Reports abound that BA are removing Row 1 from Advance Seat Assignment, even for Gold members.

A quick check of my upcoming flights appear to confirm this on flights from Heathrow.

A flight to Berlin:

a diagram of a seat

A flight to Athens

a diagram of a seat

However, my flight from London City to Amsterdam seems still to offer Row 1

a diagram of a seat


  1. […] Golds (their OWE tier) haven't been able to select Row 1 in Club Europe either. Related blog post: British Airways withdrawing Row 1 in Club Europe? – Miles From Blighty So I don't think there's anything nefarious going on here. Reply With Quote […]


  1. perhaps this has to do with the seating of disabled persons. Those who require a bulkhead have had difficulties since airlines started to sell these seats in advance or
    “gifted” them to their highest tier.

    The fact that the seats were available on the particular seatplan above where the first row was an exit row would seem to go along with my hypothesis.

    Those seats used to be held for assignment until airport checkin times so that the disabled could be accomodated. If this is in fact the case, I salute BA for holding them back— they will still become available later should there be no need to accomodate a
    disabled person whose restrictions limit them to such seating.

  2. Isn’t this just showing that someone else is already assigned to 1A, 1D and 1F?

    April Fool’s maybe?

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