Flyertalk votes ‘YES’ for Board on Bloggers

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Last week I covered the proposal in Flyertalk by the elected TalkBoard, to create a new area of their board to discuss bloggers. Well the motion has passed and already the snarkiness has started. One member has already indicated that they cannot wait to start discussing a couple of bloggers who had trips sponsored by American Airlines.

The record of those voting in favour is included in this post:

a white box with black textI’ll cover the forum once it’s opened by the Community Director.




  1. I’m all for this, alas. Boarding area has become full of “this card is great, follow my link”, paid junkets, etc. How can people give completely impartial advice any more?

    Obviously, there are those who DON’T do this, which should be applauded.

  2. @Woggledog – I am not sure how much other Bloggers are influenced by the credit which pays a commission to them. Most seem to honestly review cards as they come out in my view. As you see there are no commission based card links on this site as of today.

  3. @Woggledog — The massive amounts of commissions made by some bloggers is undoubtedly driving the credit card posts. You are kidding yourself.

  4. I follow five or six of the bloggers and they all are open about which cards they receive a commission from. Most tell you when there is a better offer out there that is not commissionable. if I use their idea, I am happy for them to receive the commission as they do provide a useful service by disseminating information to those of use who do not have unlimited time to surf Flyer Talk or other mileage earning websites.

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