Some cheap Premium fares for Easter / Summer – BA and United so far – from UK

BA are having another premium cabin fare sale until 17 March.

Fares apply for the Easter period and for the Summer 2013.

(Fares apply on AA flights operated as BA codeshares.)


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United has matched:

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Interestingly you can pick up First Class for a few hundred pounds more, via Frankfurt:

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Good Fares (for Avios collectors at least) appear to be:

San Francisco £2082

JFK £1592, Newark £1582

Las Vegas £1999, Los Angeles £1900

The London City service appears to be in the sale, but on some days over the summer only the late flight is operating, meaning no pre-clearance at Shannon and the normal huge queue at JFK instead.



  1. I should know the answer, but…..if you book one of these fares under a BA flight number (regardless of whether it is BA or AA metal) and use your AAdvantage number on the booking, does the flight still accrue AAdvantage EQM’s?

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