Hyatt House, Miami Airport

After leaving Customs at Miami I was directed to the lower level by a ‘helpful’ American Airlines Agent and spent time looking for the bus stop for the hotel van pick-up. Failing to find one I asked and was directed to the Upper (Departures) Level. Again, looking for signs proved fruitless and I asked someone else. Apparently I was supposed to know that you have to stand on the middle island and flag the bus down when it comes. No signs, no hints, no clues – that seems to be the motto for MIA.

After a long flight, with little sleep and a painful immigration process I was pretty ready to get to the hotel. I called the Hyatt House who advised that the bus would be about 20 minutes as it leaves every 30 minutes from the property.

In due time the van turned up, and I flagged it down. One stop to pick up two women who claimed that they had been waiting 45 minutes and we were off to the hotel.

The van looks like this, in case you ever need it:

I have stayed at the property some time ago, and as it was a new year wanted to start my Hyatt stay re-qualification. The hotel staff were friendly, confirming that I had been upgraded to a two bedroom suite as a Diamond, and explaining about the evening and morning food offerings. I had an 0630 flight and so checked on options to get me to the airport in time. This turned out to be a taxi as the first shuttle leaves at 0530.

The room was on the first floor overlooking the airport, which caused some noise during the night.

The two bedrooms (each with their own bathroom) meet at the common area/sitting room/kitchen area:

The bedrooms were almost identical and had seperate showers/bath tubs and basins:

The evening snacks (free wine and beer!) were on the ground floor where the breakfast is served:

The evening when I went down there was a salad you could make yourself, some soup/broth, as well as chicken wings. Not a bad spread.

During the evening I received 3 flyers under the door for delivery options from local restaurants, although the hotel advises against using these following complaints:

(Note that even the hotel hasn’t quite grappled with the new Hyatt House name, referring to the old Summerfield Suites names in the flyer).

A good stay with only the occasional interruption. If I had more energy I would have gone to the supermarket which is a 10 minute walk away. (There is also a Starbucks there, and an Office Depot). The cab came when booked the next morning and took 10-15 minutes back to the airport for $16. I was glad I was there early as the queue for United was horrendous – they have three flight leaving in the hour from 6am-7am – Chicago, Houston and Newark.


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