US based airlines Club Membership fees comparisons

With Delta increasing it’s prices on 1 March 2013, and the USAirways / American Airlines merger announced, I thought I would have a look at comparison of costs for membership of their airport clubs.

Many elite members of non-US based airlines get in to the clubs either when they are travelling internationally the same day, or because their airline has less restrictions on entry than the US carrier does. Having sold these memberships for years before Star Alliance was a twinkle in anyone’s eye, they provide important revenue streams. Prices, however have gone up significantly in recent years, with Delta announcing a $50 increase from 1 March 2013.

a table with numbers and a few different colored lines

The new prices are shown above.

Some clubs offer tester packages – notably USAirways who offer a $120 90-day trial, Delta who offers a 30-day pass for $90, and American who offers 30-days for $99. These can often be off-set against a full membership.
Many clubs offer $50 pay-on-the-door admissions.


  1. An interesting comparison – as a European FF member I still find it staggering that folk are willing to pay these sort of fees for the abysmal quality of most of the domestic lounges – when even Servisair lounges appear luxurious by comparison you know they’re not great!

  2. You could Alaska to this list too. It includes access to Delta clubs if you fly Alaska/Delta on that day. Slightly cheaper at 450(still atrocious).

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