Updates on Berlin Airport(s)

There are two news articles from the German press which caught my attention this week, both relate to the new Airport in Berlin. Brandenburg. You may recall that it was supposed to open last year but that problems with the construction of the new terminal has caused a delay. No firm date for the opening is yet announced.

On 8 Feb there was a report that EUR50 million was going to be spent on Tegel, the elder of the two airports. Works are supposed to be undertaken on new departure boards, toilets and a revamp of Terminal C to reduce queues.

On 17 Feb there was a report that they had detected 20,000 problems with the airport. Perhaps not surprising, but still a very large number. More details are not being released, but one of the reports indicates that the airport might end up costing twice the original price EUR 2bn.

It is not expected that the airport will open until 2014.


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