Hyatt Execs: Are your confirmed Suite upgrades really useful any more?

I ask this, relatively, controversial question after two experiences using them last year.

I ask this based on two experiences last year. The oldest in Berlin was rescued by the Hyatt by crediting back the upgrade suite for the stay where I had the problem, and the next stay. In addition they guaranteed the suite on the second occasion and duly delivered.

I raise the question today as I had a remarkably similar experience to that in Berlin, when staying in the Hyatt Regency at San Francisco Airport. I should start by saying that I have stayed at this property on dozens of occasions, and probably at least six times in 2011. In addition I have paid for suite upgrades as well as received free upgrades here before.

When you check the Hyatt web site you will see that the HRSFO only has two types of Suite:

a list of text on a white background










These are the Business Suite and Peninsula Suite.

I booked my Suite Upgrade via my Private Line Agent about 2 weeks ago, but the hotel did not seem to have any problem confirming space. However, now I check-in I find they are now calling the ‘Executive Parlor’ room a Suite. The Agent at check-in told me that all Suites were on the Second Floor – not true – I have had Suites on several floors here – notably the 8th or 9th Floor.

a room with a television and a bed

A Suite?

The other coincidence is that the room at HRSFO is almost the same as the Grand Hyatt Berlin was trying to call a Suite.

My only other issue appears to be that I am right above their Sports Bar – Knuckles. As I have a flight at 0700 tomorrow, I wonder how well I will sleep?

a view from above of a building

Room with a view, and noise?

So I ask, are Suite Upgrades just a way of upgrading Diamond Gold Passport members to bigger rooms, when calling them a Suite?



  1. Same here: ‘suite’ seems to be the new definition of a room with a little living room at hyatt properties. Trying out the Andaz in London in two weeks, lets see what happens. The suit supposedly has 500 sq ft and a city view 🙂

  2. When I had a Suite at the Andaz it was very nice. 3 Rooms – Living Room, Bedroom and Bathroom. A little dark but nice for London. Hopefully you will get the same room type at least.

  3. I used a suite upgrade at the Andaz in London 3 weeks ago. The suite was a larger bedroom with a small couch and chair. My city view was one small window with a sideview of a street. All of my suite experiences with Hyatt have been underwhelming thus far.

  4. I think you need to lower your expectations with these upgrades at regular Hyatts. Many of the suites I’ve gotten are junior suites or a parlor (like you got).

    The best use of these suite upgrades are definitely Park Hyatt’s. I’ve never been disappointed so far.

  5. Mark, greetings from the Andaz… got the room Jeanne described, not the spacey area you describe. Just here for the night, but still…

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