Evicted by Emin – Reply from BA

I sent BA a short note pointing out that I didn’t think they had handled my Eviction by Tracey Emin very well (click for the original post).

Their reply today doesn’t even contain a real apology, but is a simple form e-mail, presumably sent when any passenger has their seat moved by the airline.

Dear Miles from Blighty:

I am sorry we could not arrange for you to have the seat you had asked for on your flight from London City Airport to New York on 29/12/2011.  I understand your disappointment, please accept my apologies on behalf of British Airways.   

We try and make your time in the air as relaxed and comfortable as possible, but I’m afraid we cannot positively guarantee a particular seat to anyone.  A seat change can be necessary due to operational or safety reasons and I am sorry, if you were misinformed about the reasons for the change.

We value your support as a member of the Executive Club and thank you for choosing us as your preferred airline.

Best regards

They really don’t care do they!  Love the line about ‘A seat change can be necessary due to operational or safety reasons’ when it was absolutely clear when I boarded that it was in order to make Ms Emin more comfortable that they thought it was OK to move me!


  1. […] Originally Posted by Fruitcake Tracy Emin on BA1, LCY to JFK on 29 December. Very pleasant to everyone and unassuming. She had airline / airport chaperones at all three airports, which she didn't appear to really want. This kind of help seems to me maybe to infantalise people – as if they can't get through an airport or security by themselves. Although not on that flight it seems FT's Markie did have some issues on BA 1 that day- http://boardingarea.com/milesf…reply-from-ba/ […]


  1. There’s a lot covered under “operational reasons.”

    For better or worse, certain categories of complaints (primarily regarding non-guaranteed things like seat assignments and priority baggage) will almost always be filed without reading and a stock response provided. A customer service phone number may be a better venue to complain about things like this if you want any sort of personal response or resolution.

  2. You said you were satisfied with the alternate seat they provided you, so why are you complaining? It seems to me that you got the service you paid for, and were happy with it. What did you expect them to do for you? This to me seems like a complaining just to complain about.

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