Hello and welcome!


Let me welcome you to my first post of the new blog.

Some of you will know me from Flyertalk (Markie) and Milepoint (MarkUK), whilst others will have stumbled across the blog by accident. I have travelled over 2.7m million miles (that’s actual seat miles) with United Airlines, and stayed at hotels from Anchorage to Zurich over 20+ years of travel.

Let me start by explaining why I thought another Travel Blog is needed. (Is Travel the most ‘blogged’ subject after Technology, I wonder?). There are great blogs around, but many of them reflect offers, and information that is only applicable if you live in the USA. I was annoyed by the endless sign-up credit card bonuses offered to the US, when the UK (and Europe) get nothing. Whilst I realise that most airlines and hotels are most concerned about their clients from the US (and Canada), I think this leaves a lack of information for non-US based travellers interested in deals and information from the ‘Old World’. I am hoping to fill this niche.

Over the next weeks I am planning on explaining the background to a number of schemes, as well as commenting on changes as they are released.

  • BlueBiz, Star Alliance Company Plus and On Business
  • Changes to the UK AirMiles and BA Miles schemes
  • What we know about how the changes to United’s MileagePlus mean for the Europeans

I am happy to listen to suggestions for other items you’d like covered.




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