KLM Business Incentive scheme – BlueBiz

Like many schemes this is designed as a way for businesses to allow their employees to keep flown miles but for the business to receive some benefit or recognition also. I am looking at BlueBiz today which gives credit for flights on Air France, KLM, Alitalia ticket stock on multiple airlines –

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It’s quite complex as it is based on ticket number – i.e. issuing carrier. Even KLM and AF tickets earn on different airlines!

The actual earnings table is fairly straightforward:

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Over the next few days as I review the different business schemes I am proposing to use two examples when working on the relative earn/burn ratios. The first is an example of 10 flights within Europe, in Business class. The second is 10 flights in Business class from London to New York.

For BlueBiz this is easy:

10 flights in Europe – 10 points each = 100 points. Incentive earned £100

10 flights from LHR to JFK – as you have make a connection with AF/KLM and their partners it’s 5 points for the connection and 20 points across the pond = 250 points. Incentive earned £250

In the UK for each point earned the business can receive £1 off a ticket for future travel. You can use the amount earned towards the full or partial cost of a ticket for future travel. In my book that makes the scheme easy to understand and use.

(A small quiz – who can spot the deliberate error in the list of earning airlines? (Answer – When will people learn that there is no ‘U’ in Qantas). Kind of funny that their partner airline makes this common error)

Full information at the KLM web site – http://www.klm.com/travel/gb_en/business/jsme/about_bluebiz/index.htm