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Hyatt has quietly launched Double Points promo rates at some properties for the summer.

A random example – Hyatt Place Birmingham USA gives three rates.

$119 – Standard Rate
$129 – Movie Rate (movie, popcorn & 2 sodas included)
$131 – Double Points rate

The Double Points rate is applied to all spend during your stay. For this stay (assuming no additional spend):

$131 * 5 points = 655 points

So for $12 you can earn an extra 655 points at least. Pretty good value in my view.

For a Diamond the stay can be quite lucrative:

655 * 1.3 (incl 30% bonus) + 500 amenity bonus + 655 for double points = 2006 points.

Full rate details:
Double Hyatt Gold Passport points on all eligible purchases during your stay: – Book between 10APR14-01SEP14 for travel between 10APR14-01SEP14 – Must be a Hyatt Gold Passport member and request points for the stay – Not valid on charges associated with group or catering events

Special Offer Code is 2XPTS
Corporate Rate is 66935

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The first of the coffins belonging to victims of MH17 returned to the Netherlands yesterday so that they can be identified and returned to loved ones.

In the antithesis of the way the bodies were handled in the disputed area of the Ukraine, the Dutch and Australian governments brought the bodies back with a high level of ceremony, almost as if the person in the coffin was a beloved relative of everyone there.

More extraordinary in my view were the scenes of ordinary people lining the motorway from the airfield, lining the sides of the roads and on over passes, several people deep in places as the coffins passed. The cars and trucks on the other side of the road just coming to halt, unprompted and unasked, and displaying their respect.

The Dutch taught us what respect looked like yesterday. (0:36)


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Just had a new flash that the BBC is reporting a plane crash in Taiwan.


UPDATESky News is reporting a TransAsia plane has crashed killing 51 people in the Penghu Islands off the western coast of Taiwan.

They say it was flying a domestic service.

BBC report indicates a lower number of dead:

A plane has crashed after a failed emergency landing in Taiwan, killing more than 40 people, local officials say.

Aviation officials said flight GE222 aborted its initial landing and then crashed, local media reported.

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A number of Hyatt’s Diamond members report on Flyertalk they have received an offer from Hyatt to give them a Hyatt Concierge. This produced a lot of consternation as many of the most established Diamond’s already have a Personal/Private Line agent who handles their requests.

However, the Head of Gold Passport has stepped in and explained that the programme is in test and that members will have the chance to shape how it moves forward. You can read his post here.

So, whilst I have not been offered this new service (frankly I am happy with my Private Line Agent), if you have I would strongly suggest you initiate the service and see what it can do for you in different circumstances – rewards, flight cancellations, dinner reservations and local activities spring to mind.

Let me know how you get on if you are in the test group.

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Heathrow Airport have put up a web site explaining more about their plans to build a third runway. You can visit the web site here.

There is an interesting image of where they propose to put the new runway and how it connects with current airport. It appears to straddle the M25 which will be interesting. There is a feedback form for comments.

LHR Thirsd Runway


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Hyatt has just announced that it is to convert the Dreams Cancun in to an all inclusive Hyatt Ziva Cancun by late 2015. The property contains a ‘swim with the dolphins’ attraction which we are told respects these mammals. The views do look like they could be great from this location.

I should have been staying at the Hyatt Zilara Cancun in September, until American changed their flight times making my stay impossible.

I have to confess I have never done the ‘all inclusive’ experience before and am looking forward to my stay at the Ziva Los Cabos in August. The reviews have been excellent.

Hyatt also has recently announced that the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall and Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay are scheduled to open in late 2014. The two new resorts will be co-located on Jamaica’s most romantic beach, formerly home to The Ritz-Carlton. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall will offer an adults-only all inclusive experience that will be separate, but connected to, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, which will cater to guests of all ages. 

Adults-only all inclusive – it does seem tempting for the winter!

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I use the TopCashBack site fairly often. (This is my affiliate link – here).

They have offered an option to transfer a set amount each year to Tesco Clubcard points. I’ve noticed today that they allow you to also do a direct exchange to Avios or BA Executive Club Avios. But this new option needs to be treated with caution.

17-07-2014 14-28-08

As you can see, for my £10 credit I can have 1050 Avios/BA Avios or 1050 Tesco Clubcard Points.

Tesco Clubcard points convert from 250 points to a £2.50 voucher. This in turn can be exchanged to 600 Avios. (Some long standing members, like me, get 800 Avios).

17-07-2014 14-29-18

So the 1050 Tesco Clubcard points, turn in to 4 * 600 Avios or 2400. If I had taken the direct conversion it would only have been 1050 Avios. Well worth laundering them through Tesco if you ask me.

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Virgin announced yesterday that they were to add more regional flights from the UK for next summer.

  • Belfast and Orlando
    Glasgow and Las Vegas

Clearly using larger planes than the one pictured, the flight from Belfast will be Virgin’s first from Northern Island. Sure to be popular with locals, it avoids the ruinous UK departure tax.

A Boeing 747-400 aircraft will operate these seasonal services on a weekly basis, flying on Thursdays. The aircraft flying to both US destinations will be configured with 14 Upper Class seats, 66 Premium Economy seats and 375 seats in Economy.

Belfast to Orlando service

The Belfast to Orlando service will operate in June and July, with the first flight on 25 June 2015. Seats will be on sale on the Virgin Atlantic website from 25 July 2014.

Glasgow to Las Vegas service

The Glasgow to Las Vegas service will operate in September and October 2015, with the first flight on 10 September 2015. Seats will be on sale on the Virgin Atlantic website from mid-October 2014

So in a little over a week you’ll be able to book out of Belfast.
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Swiss have some of their destinations on sale until 31 July, for travel by 7 September – basically for August.

Booking here.




You can read my recent review of my flights on Swiss, to and from Cairo, on the post here.

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I recently flew from LAX to Miami, on board an American Airlines B-757 with the normal domestic First Class seating.

Unfortunately there is significant works going on at LAX and my flight was operating from Gate 45 – now a bussing gate.

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The boarding was a shambles with the staff only turning up at boarding time, ignoring the fact that we had to go on a bus journey for 15 minutes to the back of the airport. Boarding started with people with disabilities followed by First Class. We all ended up going down the ramp and on to the packed buses.

Upon arrival at the remote gate the plane was not ready and we had to wait a further 15 minutes before we were allowed to walk up the ramp and board the plane, using the forward left door. My seat, 2E had the standard legroom.

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The plane was full and by the time the rest of the buses had arrived we left thirty minutes late.

I had pre-ordered by entree. (Something you can do in First and Business, about 30 days before your flight. In effect they simply guarantee your choice of entree from the menu already boarded. Whether they actually change the balance of entrees as a result of pre-orders I don’t know. However, few people actually pre-order so I doubt it.)

The crew produced dinner pretty quickly – starter and salad:


I skipped the ice cream dessert course.

AA has entertainment on screens at the front of the cabin and on the ceiling, which provided a couple of movies and some short subjects. I watched the iPad and there was in seat power.

We arrived at Miami, still about 30 minutes late.

A typical AA flight, perfectly edible food and friendly staff. Just the most awful ground experience at LAX. Be warned if you get Gate 45.

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The LA Times is reporting that approval has been given to build an additional station on the new Crenshaw Line, near the entrance to LAX. This new station, costing $200 million, will connect to a new people mover system destined to connect a new single Car Rental location, a transportation hub and the airports terminals. So Light Rail is coming to LAX!

The new station will be at 96th and Aviation streets quite close to the airport and many of the hotels on Aviation. The Crenshaw line will link to the current Green Line at the existing Aviation LAX station.

The report also suggests that the new station might offer services beyond tickets and trains. It indicates that there will be check-in desks, currency exchange and information boards. A study on baggage handling in similar locations has been commissioned.

The Crenshaw line, destined to be finished in 2019 will not be delayed by the new station, although it is expected that the station will open later than the new line.

All around a good day for travellers to and from LAX – there is at least some indication that rail is coming to LAX.

The LA Times article is here.
There is also an editorial on the plans here.

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