France extends list of ‘compelling reasons’ for travel

From 6 January, the French Government extended the list of compelling reasons required to be present, to allow a traveller to enter their country.

French Citizens have always been allowed to travel as in itself, this has been accepted as a compelling reason.

Non-French Citizens are now allowed to travel for business, to France, for reasons linked to the pursuit of an economic activity requiring presence on site, which cannot be postponed (with proof from employer).

You can download the full list of compelling reasons by following the link for those from the UK.

It is also said that travelling through France to reach a property in a third country is to be made easier but no details are available for the moment.



  1. I wonder here- as it was not very specified- if I can cross France (arrive via Eurotunnel) to go into Italy to my 2nd home- it says not to 2nd homes in France, but how about 2nd homes in another country?

  2. @MARTINA- There are suggestions that this is possible but I am unclear from the web site. There is this paragraph in the document – not sure if it applies:
    “European Union nationals or equivalents, as well as their partners
    (spouse, civil partners or cohabiters) and children, with their main
    residence in France or transiting through France to their main residence in
    a European Union country or equivalent country.”

  3. Isn’t this list specifically for unvaccinated travelers? My understanding is that vaccinated people from red list countries can still enter for tourism.

  4. Fake News.
    Tons of people traveled from the US to France last year for Holidays. No nothing “compelling reasons”.

  5. @Tom – not according to the web site which says:
    Both non-vaccinated and vaccinated people will be required to have a compelling reason to travel to or from the UK. These reasons are listed in the document here and at the following address: People will not be permitted to travel as tourists or for professional reasons. Being French is a compelling reason to return to France. French people’s partners (spouses, PACS partners or cohabiting partners (on presentation of proof of cohabitation)) and their children will still be able to travel to France.

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