160 BA Tier Points for about £225? Yes Please.

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Certain of BA’s longer European routes earn an enhanced level of Tier Points – 80 instead of the normal 40 for shorter segments. Destinations include Athens, Bucharest, Helsinki, and Instanbul. Also included is Sofia in Bulgaria. Whilst there are significant restrictions in visiting at the moment – a PCR test within 48 hours of arrival is needed – it can be done!

There are fewer flights to Sofia than pre-pandemic but now is the time to book if you want to visit as BA has some good ex-London fares. The weekend I needed was £223 but other weekends were cheaper. I found around £215 earlier in the year.

Of course, as a by-product if you need a longer mileage run then Sofia is a great starting point to the USA. This example from August nets 80+140+140+140+140+80 = 720 Tier Points for around £1050. (Plus any earned from positioning flights)

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BA’s web site is showing good availability for most of the year:

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  1. In the past couple months, I made my 720 Tier Points from LAX-MIA-LHR-LCA and back in J for $2200. Then I decided to go for BA Gold a month later and fly multiple legs to Colombia for $800 in J. (Then did the ITA status match for kicks.) The difference in lounge access was my primary motivator since I live in the US but don’t take many domestic flights (I’m an Italian dual citizen so my time in the air is for those trips). Thanks for posting these opportunities…I’ll be prepping for next member year eventually.

  2. Or if you find a cheap hotel or hire car to combine as a BA holiday you should get 320TPs I think due to their double TP promo.

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