UK Platinum Amex and Harvey Nichs – Get 100% back (up to £50) EVERY 6 MONTHS!

In a new style of offer for Amex Platinum in the UK this offer has popped in to my account this morning.

Every six months you can spend £50 at Harvey Nichols and get it all back. In reality the high-end fashion store doesn’t have many items under £50 but still it’s a good deal.

I had a look and found three pairs of Paul Smith socks at £55, one pair £20. There is a sale on at the moment so you might find a bargain.

Harvey Nichols as famously featured in Ab-Fab, the BBC Comedy series.

The offer expires, once you register, on 31 December 2024.

Oh, and for those of a broader mind, Ann Summers is also offering a 20% back offer until 21 March 2022.