I can log back in to my BA Executive Club account. Can you?

As you know BA’s web site has been down for a few days whilst they do back-end maintenance on their systems. It’s never been clear as to whether there would be any benefits seen by members for these changes.

A few minutes ago I was able to log back in on the web, not not on the iPhone App, I would add.

No new transactions have posted since the system was taken down.


I appear to now have 4 ‘Gold Upgrades for 2’ whereas I only had 1 when the system went offline.

a screenshot of a phone

Change to layout of flights:

Offers more information on the first screen.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

There do not appear too many (any) changes to format or layout. As far as I can see all my booking are present in the account, but there do seem to be some odd things that throw you our, so it could be a work in progress.

There is one major error – I’ve been promoted to Gold Guest List for Life – which I am about 30,000 Tier Points shorts of earning:

a close up of a sign

Can you log in?



  1. Its partially working, still can’t manage booking.

    I have never seen such an incompetent company. They spent almost a week and everything still sucks.

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