BA Executive Club web site down again

Just as I was happily trumpeting the return of the BA Executive Club part of the British Airways web site, it went down again.

As of this morning (6am GMT 18 November) the :

  • Mobile App – is down
  • Web Site – Chrome Browser – is down
  • Web Site – Safari – is down


The web site helpfully says that it will be back, yesterday.

It appears that the upgrade is causing BA problems so serious that they cannot give us access to our accounts. BA have a history of failures with IT and this is bound to damage their reputation further.


  1. I’ve been in this business of supporting mission critical IT systems for past 20+ years. Planned and unplanned outages are inevitable and it’s your job to limit that as much as possible. However, a planned outage of 3 days… I just can’t imagine how such plan was even thought to be ok. Even if you have to replace an existing system with a brand new system entirely, there are many tools that let you bring up both systems up while data is replicated and migrated across and when time comes, you flip the switch from old system to new. that’s why you never see sites like ebay or amazon take planned outages to upgrade their system for many decades.

    They had 3 days to do this and still over run it by almost a day now? I would have been long fired if I managed to do anything like this at my job.

  2. I have no idea how BA has so much loyalty when the systems they use are so poor.
    I am one but only as they are my home airline.

  3. I work in IT and this has all the trappings of an offshore IT operation. If you google that info, there are a number of articles about those BA IT jobs being exported to India, to TCS specifically.

    You get what you pay for….a glorious dumpster fire.

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