Where are with the BA Executive Club web site? Web down. iOS App Up.

As I write this morning it appears that the return to service of the BA Exec Club web site is further delayed. The message show no longer gives an estimated date of return for access by members.

On the App however, I can log-in and there appears to have been a couple of updates to the ‘Recent Transactions’ screen.

  • Firstly, it appears colour coded by status – mine showing in Gold
  • Secondly, the layout of the records has changed – more information is available by clicking on a transaction
  • Lastly, the list of transactions goes back to October 2018 – so nearly three years

a screenshot of a phone

It’s very disappointing also that recent flights have not been posted during the downtime. Of course, the lack of a clear end time for the outage is frustrating for many members. After so many IT problems at BA in the past, this current farrago, impacting its most frequent flyers, cannot be good for business.