Has Heathrow killed off it’s rewards programme, Heathrow Rewards?

Over the past few months I have been chasing Heathrow’s Rewards scheme – Heathrow Rewards – to add missing transactions to my account. Usually fairly efficient, the points have not been added and no reply has been received to several emails, and the transactions are not there.

The scheme operates a premium level, which after spending £750 at Heathrow stores in a year, earns you double points. With almost no chance to travel many people have lost their premium status and unlike many travel companies, Heathrow has refused to extend status.

And then about a week ago, the web site went down with a cryptic message:

a yellow sign with black text

Tweets to the Heathrow Airport account @HeathrowAirport won’t help with why the office is not replying to emails and won’t answer requests for more information about the web site.

For those of us that have points, this is all a bit worrying given the dreadful state of Heathrow’s finances.


  1. Using the Heathrow app it’s possible to view your balance & recent transactions. The app also promote ‘Join Heathrow Rewards’ and clicking the link does take you to the signup page – not tried signing up, so don’t know what happens if you submit the completed form.

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