Heathrow rumoured to re-open Terminal 3 for ‘Red List’ arrivals from 1 June.

The Guardian is reporting news this evening that Heathrow Airport is planning to re-open Terminal 3, closed for many months, to act as a clearing point for arrivals from Red List countries. At present arrivals from these high-risk locations have had separate queues in immigration, but there have been complaints that these have been near Amber and Green arrivals causing concerns around infection.

At present direct flights from Red List countries are restricted to UK nationals, although indirect arrivals from these countries are also supposed to declare their origin and pay £1750 for ten nights in UK Government approved accommodation.

The plan is that the Red List arrival facility will eventually be relocated to Terminal 4.

Heathrow has resisted re-opening terminals for this purpose unless the UK Government pays for it.

It appears that the plan is to use the remote terminals immigration facilities to reduce the long queues currently at Terminal 2 and to some extent at Terminal 5.