UK Mandatory Quarantine web site working – same site for COVID tests

The web site which passengers from ‘red-list’ countries need to use in order to book accommodation for their quarantine is back up and working this morning, after falling over almost as soon as it launched.

It is also where you need to go, if you arrive on or after 15 Feb from a non-red list country in order to buy your two Government issued COVID tests for Day 2 and Day 8 after arrival.

The web site is –

Amex, Visa and Mastercard are accepted for both rooms and test purchases.


  1. Still no mention of those who fly into Scotland to board a cruise ship or disembark in England & plan to fly home immediately…do the same reqmts. apply? …sure would be nice to know the rules before the games commence …bet the cruises lines don’t know which end is up!

  2. My comment is not about visiting Scotland or England…again, what are the ground rules for those of us who will be embarking a cruise ship in Scotland & disembarking in England? My T/A doesn’t know & I doubt if the cruise lines know either. I could be wrong regarding the latter. If so, then the cruise lines are doing their passengers a great disservice.
    I have no intention of quarantining pre or post cruise…will cancel before that happens.

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