UK Mandatory Quarantine site launches, and immediately crashes – hotel prices confirmed and mandatory £210 for non-red list arrival testing

For those coming from a red-list country

Today was supposed to be the first day that people coming from ‘red-list’ countries could book their compulsory accommodation if they arrive after 15 February. The web site link says:

Due to a minor technical issue, the link to the booking portal in this guidance will not be available until later today. Please return to this page later if you wish to make a booking.

The pricing has now been confirmed as

Rate for 1 adult in 1 room for 10 days (11 nights) £1750
Additional rate for 1 adult (or child over 12) £650
Additional rate for a child aged 5–12 £325

The web site confirms that people in hardship are able to apply to pay for the accommodation later, but the passenger must be in receipt of UK benefits to be eligible and the cost is then paid to the Government in 12 monthly instalments.

The web site suggests that these prices will be reviewed in March and may change.

For those not arranging a package before arrival, they will face a £4,000 fine plus the cost of accommodation.

Arrivals in to England have been limited to five airports:

  • Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • London City Airport
  • Birmingham Airport
  • Farnborough Airfield

Notably leaving out Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, as well as smaller airports.

For those not coming from a red-list country

You are required to book a £210 COVID test package (more expensive than having these tests at the airport providers, please note) which you have to order via the (crashed) web site. The Government web site says both that you can leave after a negative test on Day 5 and that you cannot leave until a negative test on Day 8 and then only at Day 10. There is a test, at Day 2 included in the Fee. If you do not take the tests then the fine is £2,000.

I think this is pretty confusing and hope that we will have some clear messaging soon!


  1. “hope that we will have some clear messaging soon!”

    With this government, that’s not happening.

  2. And when and how can this tyranny end? Don’t they realize that the virus is already in the country? Do they think international air travel is such a major source as to violate human rights on this scale?
    What’s the plan if these tyrannical moves don’t work? Where can they go from here? A policeman outside everyone’s door? Shoot on sight?
    The truth is: the virus cannot be stopped and is already endemic. These governments can’t admit it because doing so will also mean they are tyrants and have been wrong for almost a year now.

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