Nectar to BA Avios conversion live and working

a close-up of a credit card

The long awaited ability to convert Nectar shopping points to BA Avios (and vice-versa) is live from today – a day earlier than expected.

You can convert 400 Nectar to 250 Avios, with a bonus of 500 Avios on the transfer if you transfer 1,600 Nectar points by 14 February. These are the requirements to secure the bonus:

  1. To be eligible for 500 Bonus Avios Eligible Participants must convert at least 1,600 Nectar points into Avios in one single manual or auto-opt-in conversion within a period of three weeks from 25 January 2021 up to and including 14 February 2021 (the “Bonus Avios Qualifying Period”).

  2. Only the first conversion of Nectar points to Avios credited to a BAEC account from a unique Nectar account is eligible for the bonus. Points converted from the same Nectar account to the same or additional BAEC accounts after the first link will not be eligible for the 500 bonus Avios.

I’ve managed to do it and the 1,000 Avios are shown above with 1600 nectar points, to secure the bonus.



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