UK mandatory quarantine – decision delayed to Tuesday, and what happens when the hotels are full?

It appears more and more likely that the UK Government Ministers making a decision about mandatory quarantine will come down in favour tomorrow. Of course, it’s not unknown for information to be leaked to make things seem really bad, only for less awful things to be announced and everyone feels better about what might otherwise be unacceptable. We shall see.

Turningleftforless ponders what will happen when the hotels adjacent to the airports run out. She takes an optimistic view that the logistics might play in to the decision. I am afraid I don’t really agree. There are plenty of old army barracks available or Army tents available. These are options I understand being considered. Lest you think the UK Government might not do this, remember that there are currently two camps being used to house asylum seekers arriving in the UK, that used to be used by the British Army.

One more day!