A limit to AA’s vouchers – you have to use them for a ticket from the same country

Is this fair I wonder?


I had a US domestic ticket, booked through the AA web site. As I’m not allowed in to the US I tweeted the AA team and they confirmed that I could cancel the ticket online and then use the credit ($440) for a future journey.

The Catch:

I called AA today to book a new ticket and wanted to apply the credit . The agent checked and confirmed that I cannot use the credit as the new ticket is priced in Euros and my credit was in US Dollars.


Apparently there is a rule that the credit can only be applied to a ticket from the same country as the ticket was originally booked. So I now have to use my $440 credit from the US. What?

The Con

So now AA gets to keep the $440 because it invented a rule that isn’t on the web site and wasn’t disclosed when I refunded or when I booked. If you read the web site:

What the web site says

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What’s Missing?

Any note that being ready to rebook doesn’t matter a fig if you want to travel from anywhere other than where you wanted to travel before!


  1. I discovered this the hard way too. Much less of a problem as I happen to live here but none the less maddening.

  2. Have you tried booking with AA US website which should quote your itin in USD. Hold the booking and call the US reservation number? I know you cannot use two different currency to exchange a ticket.

  3. HUCA. I had a bunch of GBP denominated tickets with Delta – it was a pain, but they got them applied to a new ticket in USD. Its a different airline, but I find it very surprising AA cant sort that out too.

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