Check your American flights – new schedules just loaded

So my morning has been spent talking to British Airways and American Airlines about the schedule changes that AA loaded last night. Most of the changes were for May flights but AA also cancelled a flight for July.

The changes I experienced were around their three-class JFK to LA or San Francisco flights where a large number are cancelled. One set of flights were rebooked to connect via Dallas/Ft. Worth, which would have been cheaper to buy out right and then refund the original fare. I did this OK, but as the ticket was booked in British Pounds (GBP), I had to make the request online, rather than through the agent.

In addition, in July, it looks as if AA have removed their daytime JFK-LHR flight(s). They rebooked me twelve hours later on their overnight flight. Luckily it was a BA ticket and BA switched me to their daytime flight without hesitation or charge.

I had to wait about five minutes to speak to an AA agent in the USA and only about two minutes for the BA Gold Guest List team in Manchester – who I had to call three times today! They even managed to snag me an upgrade to First using one of my Gold Upgrade Vouchers.

So, all round a much better experience than my previous rebookings.



  1. Mine isn’t good. Booked Phoenix to Reykjavik for August thru an Expedia bundle deal. Went from Phoenix to Philly to Reykjavik, now Phoenix to London to Reykjavik with an 11 hour London layover. Going to call Expedia tomorrow to snag a much shorter United flight.

  2. My PHL-SNN Sept. 1 flight was gone from my app. I have not received an email yet regarding rescheduling or refunding.

  3. My AA flight on May 30th, LAX to NYC via SFO in F class was switched to LAX to JFK direct in J class. I called at 3am PST and was connected immediately and asked for a supervisor. Within 3 min, she did the correction to F class.

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