United slaps 1k’s (again)

a screenshot of a phone

A leaked copy of an internal UA memo confirms that 1k members can no longer get access to the old First Class seats on the airlines 777 planes. A good number are still in the pre-Polaris config meaning two very nice rows at the front.

Until the start of the month these could be booked by Global Service and 1k frequent flyers.

Clearly everything is done for Global Services members but this feels like an unnecessary slap in the face for 1k’s. The problem is time limited until United sorts out it’s seating and now 1k’s feel cheated.

(Image posted on Flyertalk.com)



  1. No idea why this is a slap in the face? Why not a slap in the face for Platinums, who never had them? Or Golds? Under what theory is this an entitlement specifically at the 1K level and objectively wrong if United wants to set the bar at GS? Fact is that these are first class quality seats and United is giving out a unpublished free upgrade into them that is a completely unexpected bonus, so United can choose whatever priority order it wants to give out that bonus.

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