How much of your data was stolen from Starwood?

Several months ago Marriott found, when they acquired Starwood, that Starwood had been losing customer information for many years. A massive number of data records were lost – 500 million guests records had been stolen – 383 million individual guests were effected with significant data having been stolen.

Customers who were impacted were able to request a print of what items of their data had been compromised. My reply came this week and the range of the information is pretty shocking. Marriott wrote and confirmed that my data had been lost and that the range of it is as follows:

* Name

* Birthdate

* Birthday (Month and Day Only)

* Address Information

* Primary Email Address

* Primary Phone Number

* Other Phone Information

* Unencrypted Passport Number

* Encrypted Passport Number

* Passport Issuing Country

* Credit Card Expiration Date

* Credit Card Type

* Encrypted Credit Card Number

* Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Number

* Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Loyalty Status and Balances

* Guest Frequent Traveler Program Information

* Starwood Executive Traveler Number

* Guest Opt-In Preferences

* Email Communication Preferences

* Reservation Details

* Flight Information

* Central Starwood Unique Record Locator

* Returning Guest Indicator (Y/N)

* Employed at Starwood (Y/N)

* Record History Information

More information is here and you can register for free data monitoring if you are impacted.

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