Marriott is sorting its merger, and it’s not all good news – at least for me

So, on 18 August when Marriott merged SPG in to Marriott Rewards a number of things became clear. It is tricky to merge huge systems and some things went wrong. Lots of people experienced missing stays or incorrect status’.  Stays and Amex transfers have stopped posting. Oh and yes, there were errors in the merger which lead to anomalies.

Marriott seems to be fixing this now.

Overnight last night, my lifetime stays were recalculated and the new number  has dropped me from Lifetime Platinum. The difference appears to be the removal of 30 nights earned via my UK credit card. (For those interested in Mathematics, the difference of 29 in the screen shots is because I have had a one night stay since 18 August).

Of course this is quite right, if a little disappointing. I am enjoying my little platinum infinity symbol whilst it lasts!

(I was Platinum in SPG so should in theory be Platinum in the new scheme so that is correct. Of course Marriott isn’t saying how long that lasts. I have 8 nights booked before December so should earn Platinum for 2019 that way. Then all I need is 7 nights next year to get to the magic 600 for Lifetime Plat!)

a screenshot of a cell phone


a screenshot of a phone



  1. is 30 nights for all the years or just for this year? my account dropped by 10, which I suppose is 5+5 elite nights for 2018 for holding the US SPG Amex and SPG business Amex cards.

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