If you think Marriott is the only hotel group having IT issues, check your Hilton Account

A lot of virtual newsprint has been spent on complaining about the Marriott/Starwood merger with a number of complaints about incorrect postings, wrong status, and generally frustrations. I had a few issues over the merger weekend, but they have all worked out, except for a stay last weekend which whilst the points posted there is no line in my Activity tab for it. The number of nights needed for a status promotion has increased so I know it’s posted, oh and my points balance has gone up too! So I know the stay is just hiding.

However, this past week, my postings at Hilton have been a bit messed up. I noticed that a stay at the Helsinki Airport Hilton had posted the 2,500 Lufthansa points to my Lufthansa statement but was missing from my online account – web and the Hilton app. I PM’ed Hilton on Twitter and they tell me it’s posted. I just cannot see it.

However, they also revealed that THEIR IT systems are also undergoing extensive upgrades and that the stay should be visible ‘shortly’.

So, it’s worth checking your Hilton account – last week every stay zero’ed out across all my historical posts, and then three days later all the points and miles came back!

But, understand that they are working on solving the problems.

It appears that IT upgrades never go well in the world of points and miles.

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