Amidst London train fiasco, flexibility on ticket usage to Gatwick

For those unaware of the current position with many commuter lines north and south of London, a quick summary:

  • Thameslink’s new routes to and from Brighton, Gatwick and places south of London were supposed to link with new services to towns and cities north of London
  • The timetable has been introduced but poor planning means that hundreds of services are being cancelled or badly delayed
  • A temporary timetable has been introduced in an effort to try and get things sorted out.

So, what does this mean if you are going to Gatwick. You can buy the cheapest ticket – typically Southern or Thameslink and use the faster Gatwick Express service.

Yesterday, quietly, there was a change made to try and mitigate the impact by allowing passengers with cheaper tickets to use the typically expensive Gatwick Express. But there is a twist you need to know if you are using Oyster to pay for your tickets.

So what is the deal?

  • Valid ‘Thameslink Only’, ‘Southern Only’ and ‘Not Gatwick Express’ routed season, single and return tickets can now be used on any Thameslink , Southern or Gatwick Express train services that will enable customers to complete their journeys.

Please note:

  • Time restrictions on the use of tickets and Railcards remain in place
  • First class remains classified

Frequently asked Questions

What fare will I be charged between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport?
The normal ‘Any Permitted’ fare between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport (and vice versa) is now reduced to the same fee as the ‘Not Gatwick Express’ fare. This is expected to be live on station systems by Friday 15 June.

I use Oyster or Contactless – what should I do?
Customers travelling using Oyster or Contactless between Victoria and Gatwick Airport (and vice versa), please make sure that you touch in/out at London Victoria using the 9-12 gates, rather than those on 13/14, to ensure you are charged the correct fare during this time.

I have already purchased an ‘Any Permitted’ ticket for the Gatwick Express but have not yet used it, do I get any money back?
Yes, you can visit one of our ticket offices where you will be able to get assistance. This will be a partial refund for the difference in fare between the ‘Any Permitted’ and ‘Not Gatwick Express fare’ between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport (and vice versa).

I have an Any Permitted routed season ticket, can I change it?
Yes, please visit one of our ticket offices who will assist with this, as long as the original ticket has been issued for a validity of one month or more and there are at least 7 days’ validity remaining on the original ticket.

If your season ticket is still valid after these temporary arrangements expire, you will need to change your season ticket back to the original routed version and will also need to pay the difference due.

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Gatwick Airport, Pier 6 passenger bridge, control tower in background, August 2005, Ref CGA01199d, DH


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