How I found the blogger giving away free upgrades …..

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About ten days ago I was flying from JFK to London Heathrow. Having spend a pleasant few hours in the Concorde Room I went to the gate ready for boarding. I quickly noticed someone who I thought I recognised – celebrity, journalist, no wait – blogger.

My mind suddenly went back to some posts from BoardingArea member – God Save The Points – about a promo that they were running. Find their blogger and steal his upgrade.

Could it be him?

Well, after a couple of minutes, I noticed him approach someone, wrangle their boarding card from them and then pass to a member of BA staff. A second later a new boarding card appeared and a smile of delight crossed the face of the passenger. It was him!

‘It is you, isn’t it’, I approached him. ‘Yes it is!’. I introduced myself as MilesFromBlighty and we had a short chat.

Someone had already found him, and so won the upgrade. Details of the offer are here.

British Airways had given Gilbert permission to give away his ten upgrades if no one claimed them before the flight left. I was already in Club and so didn’t quality for a further upgrade! There were a couple of passengers who as they walked down the jetway, were talking about how great it would be to travel in Club now. A student on his way for a summer in Europe, a couple taking their kids to Europe, all got to experience BA’s Club Service to London.

I slept through the flight and rushed off at the other end to make a quick connection to Europe. Gilbert was staying at the airport to give out more upgrades on his return – it went pretty well it seems and he made the US Morning shows too!

BA747-400 LHR





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