How this little sticker saved me missing my flight this morning!

a close up of a paper

About a year after Global Entry, the US speedy immigration system, was launched a small number of non-US nationals were able to respond to invites from airlines to join. I duly did and undertook the interview in the US, after the UK Police did a background check.

When I joined US Customs and Border Patrol used to pop a little sticker in your passport, mine is above, but you would not get a Global Entry card. US nationals do get the card.

Fast forward to this morning.

It is a long time since I came through Canada to the US, and I knew they had GE kiosks at many airports so gave myself about 90 minutes to clear this morning. BIG mistake! The lines were huge and I would certainly have missed my flight if I had not had Global Entry.

However, the Vancouver security staff are unfamiliar with non-US/Canada residents having Global Entry. First demanding to see my GE Card and then my sticker.

‘The sticker’ I though, oh goodness. The little bit of clear plastic gained me access.

This wasn’t a fluke as I was asked to show it again about 50 yards later in the security line! Luckily I knew where it was and could present it.

None the less with US Immigration only opening at 4.30am, the 5.15 departure time was a rush.


  1. I got GE last year on British passport but never received a card or sticker. Just TSA pre on boarding passes.

  2. I had the same experience in Vancouver with being asked for my NEXUS (expedited entry between USA/Canada for residents) repeatedly before the kiosk. I have entered the USA from Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, and Toronto and have never been asked to present the card other than at the kiosk, so Vancouver is a bit strange.

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