Qatar Airways’ Al Mourjan Business Class lounge in Doha

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I travelled through Doha a couple of times last month, during Ramadan. This means that the airport was exceptionally quiet.

The lounge is huge and located above the transfer security operation and two floors from the concourse. When connecting, you can save a few minutes by turning left and going UP in the lifts located at the end of the transfer security screening desks. This places you in the Reception area of the lounge. (The lifts are shown in the top right photo above). (You can see the layout better in the last set of photos below).

The lounge has numerous seating areas – a buffet restaurant (in the mezzanine) – coffee and drink stations – but precious few showers. For an airline that operates many long/mid-haul flights to Doha, it is odd that they don’t have more showers available. When I arrived, even with a three hour connection, the staff would not add me to the list. There were even queues for the toilets – I did find other toilets which were less busy by walking to the far end of the lounge, through the open kitchen and turning right.

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There is a large fountain, consisting of a pool with ‘jumping’ water beneath the spiral staircase to the restaurant. The staff seat you but you help yourself from the wide range of food available. There are two serving stations and it should be noted that these have different dishes, so take a wander to the other side if you don’t find something to excite you at the first station.

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Taking the long escalator down to the terminal deposits you near the yellow bear that it at the centre of the various piers. The photo above (bottom right) shows the typical walkway to the gate – allow plenty of time as the distances can be long.

Entry to the lounge does not apply to OneWorld elites, just to Qatar’s Business Class passengers. Based on the banking of flights I saw, it gets incredibly busy twice per day, but is relatively quiet at other times.


  1. I had a similar experience with showers at Al Mourjan lounge about a month ago. It was 5am but I still had to wait 40 minutes for my turn. The shower room (once I managed to get inside) was spacious, clean and well maintained – at least in my case worth the wait.

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