BA re-opens the Millionaires’ Door to the Concorde Room at Heathrow

Some weeks ago BA opened the First Wing, an expedited security route for First passengers and Gold Card holders. It is a winner, my experiences have been flawless with helpful and friendly staff, getting passengers through really fast.

a hallway with signs on the wall

The route takes you to the back of the First Class lounge and you can walk across to the Concorde Room if you are able to enter. (First Class passengers and Concorde Room card holders only).

The previous route took passengers through South Security and then through a special door to the Concorde Room. BA had to staff this with two people – one outside and one inside. With the arrival of the First Wing, only transfer passengers needed to enter the room this way, and they closed.

Well, as of last night it’s re-opened and I am told it is here to stay.

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  1. We are coming from the US via BA first class and connecting to another flight. When we get to Heathrow, do we go through this terminal, or do we get shuffled with everyone else?

  2. @Kevin – I am afraid there is no special BA ground handling for First Class at Heathrow. You can use the FastTrack security queue. When you exit turn right and walk to the far end of the terminal as that is where the Concorde Room is located.

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