REVIEW: Hyatt Regency, Amsterdam

a building with trees and a bike rack

Hyatt doesn’t often open new properties in Europe, and the latest is the Hyatt Regency in Amsterdam. The property brings to three, the number of Hyatt properties in the city. The Andaz, Amsterdam and the Hyatt Place, Amsterdam Airport have already been reviewed.

The Hyatt Regency is located three stops in the subway from Central Station in Amsterdam. The Central Station itself is 15 minutes from the airport. There is a short walk to the hotel from the station. The property is not overly assuming located behind a number of street trees. The entrance is shown above.

Once you enter the large lobby you notice Reception at 10 o’clock. To the left is the restaurant and straight ahead is the coffee bar/bar.

The staff on Reception were friendly, explaining all the services of the property. They encouraged me to use the restaurant for my Globalist breakfast. There is also a large sitting area in Reception, shown below.

a room with a couch and chairs

My room was on the top (5th floor) and the Regency Club is on the second floor.

My room, located at the end of the corridor was not a suite – they were sold out, but was pretty large. The bathroom was in the corner, just behind the entry door.

a glass shower with a glass door and a shower door a bathroom with a sink and bathtub

It had a separate shower and bath. There were a good number of towels and bathrobes already in the room.

The bedroom had two windows – a large one which looked out on the street and a small, high one that looked out over the roof tops.

a tree with green leaves in front of a building a window with a building outside

The bed was opposite the window above, and there was a desk, comfy chair and TV all in the bedroom.

a bed in a room a room with a television and a bed

The WiFi was a bit spotty with me having to log in and out several times over my stay in order to get a connection. The Andaz was plagued with a similar problem when it opened. The TV had a number of channels listed that simply did not work when selected. If they had, it would have had an excellent range of programmes – as it was it was a pretty poor range of choices.

The local tram service turns a corner outside the end of the hotel where my room was located and there was a good deal of grinding noise during the late evening which made it harder to sleep than I would have liked.

The Regency Club is entered by a door in the second floor, close to the lift. You then walk down a short flight of stairs and it did not seem to accessible for anyone with mobility challenges.

The evening had a range of cold items, both savoury and sweet. The staff were super friendly. The snacks were probably not enough to replace an evening meal.

a collage of a restaurant


a chandelier in a room

The club was not very busy when I was there and seating was not a problem. Breakfast was pretty scant – coffee, juice, yoghurt and pastries only were available. The staff did recommend downstairs but I did not really have time, so had the light items offered.

Opposite the hotel is a supermarket, which might prove useful for snacks if you have a several day stay.

My rate was a Cash and Points rate so represented good value.

Overall, it’s a nice solid addition to Hyatt in Europe, but you will have to travel to see the main sights of the city.


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