British Airways releases first images of First Wing at Heathrow

BA are trying to improve the experience for their First Class ticket holders at Heathrow, by improving their security experience. Gold Card holders and oneworld Emeralds will be able to use the two new security lanes. It is due to open in April 2017.


Located in an enhanced check-in area, there will be two security lanes with automatic boarding pass readers. After checking in any bags you can use the new lanes to secure direct access to the BA First (and Concorde) lounges. Currently, except for those eligible for the Concorde Room access, a long walk, past numerous Heathrow shops is required to access the First Lounge.

It is rumoured that BA paid £1m for the door providing direct access to the Concorde Room.

The security lanes will drop passengers in the First Class Lounge.

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Those needing and entitled to access to the Concorde Room will need to leave the First Class lounge, cross the lounge foyer and enter the CCR. Whether the current door access will continue was not included in the press release.



  1. How will the security lane drop us off in the First lounge when the lounge is on the upper level and check-in/security is on the main level of the terminal? Always hated the long walk though the shopping mall to get up to the lounges.

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