Last chance to enter to win a year of Hyatt Globalist-lite

Earlier in the week I ran a draw to win a year of a watered down version of Hyatt’s new World of Hyatt Globalist status by leaving a comment at this thread.

world of hyatt

The draw closes tomorrow so this is your last chance!


  1. We have several Hyatt reservations this year using UR points. A status would be lovely!

  2. Hoping to get away with the kids this summer and this would certainly help. Cheers!!

  3. PLEASE! Ready for a change, and Im actually stoked about Hyatt, I seem to be a 1%’er in that regard.

  4. I guess a few people missed that they need to leave the comment on the linked post. Regardless, thanks for specifying the lite aspect. With so many bloggers giving this away, I’d hoped that more would have been clearer, as you have.

  5. Thanks, would love to have this for Hyatt trips planned to Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, and Paris.

  6. We are recently retired and ready to start doing some serious traveling. This program would be awesome to use. Would love the opportunity. Thanks!

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