Qatar @Twitter team resolve issue

I wrote over the weekend about a disappointing experience with Qatar Airways UK reservations office. Basically a time change out of Amsterdam meant a pretty unhelpful connection in Doha – the time change was 4 hours. I had planned a nice evening in a bed in Doha, but the now, my early morning arrival, meant being stuck. The airline wouldn’t give me a hotel room, not would they move me to an earlier connecting flight out of Doha, unless I paid the difference.

After the post was published I tweeted the @Qatarairways account directing them to my post.

An hour letter they had asked me my contact and booking details and confirmed that they would pass them on.

And this afternoon a nice chap from Qatar in Poland called, offered to move me at no charge and re-booked everything inside of ten minutes. And we had time to chat about the weather.

So, Qatar took an unhappy customer and make them happy.

Qatar at Doha


  1. “So, Qatar took an unhappy customer and make them happy.”

    But only after you publicly shamed them.

  2. Disappointing to hear that it took publishing a blog post and then alerting their social media team to it in order for the issue to be resolved.

    However, it’s good to know that they have a helpful Twitter team (although would be ok interesting to see if there were as quick to respond to similar requests from a non-boarding area contributer).

  3. @Kilburnflyer – it was good to speak to the guy from their office – he knew just what to do. He also told me that the last guy had not documented his refusal in the Comments on the booking. I thought that odd.

  4. I’ve also had some good responses from the European Polish call center. I guess they pick up for NL after 18:00 as I think NL call center must be closed. If only all the Qatar call centers were as good and responsive!!

  5. After a good flight from North America to Doha in December, a day later my wife and I were to continue on to Singapore. I could have flown there via the Pacific cheaper but wanted to compare the business class on the new A350-XWB to the 777-200LR we’d already flown. Come to find out at check-in for SIN that the A350 had been swapped for an A330-300. Crap. But things happen, right? But then we were told that we’d be seated in window seats several rows apart. C’mon, you couldn’t have informed me sooner? I’m accessible almost anytime, anywhere in the world. Yes, I know there are only 30 seats versus 36 on the A350 but this trip was ticketed in May! Maybe somebody else could have gotten the shaft? Finally, after considerable consternation, seats (angled lie flats) were found in the first row against the bulkhead. No sleep was possible but I did get to watch four movies I would never have paid to see in a theater. I was given an email address as I wanted to ask for some minor compensation, which I did. The reply was standard boiler plate, essentially telling me to go pound sand. Yeah, they have a lot of that as well as plenty of B.S.

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