Just a word of caution on Qatar Airways – customer service is poor

I’ve flown Qatar a few times and don’t get quite as excited as many about their level of service. It’s pretty good in truth once on the plane, but not truly wonderful even in the Business Class cabins. I have got a couple of tickets booked through their sale, but also had one booked before the sale started, flying from Amsterdam to Bangkok (via Doha).

It’s this ticket that I checked yesterday and found an unannounced schedule change. Qatar have moved my flight back 4 hours. Previously I got in to Doha in the early hours of the morning and then left that night for Bangkok. The retiming means an early morning arrival (5am) and so not much chance to get to a hotel before needing to come back for 8pm departure.

I spoke to Qatar who refused a hotel room as there was an earlier flight to Bangkok but when I wanted to be booked on that earlier service, they refused as the class of service booked was no longer available. So although I was caused a problem by their schedule change, they were not prepared to do anything about it. Pretty poor service.

Most airlines that I deal with (British Airways, American, United) would have rebooked me on the earlier connection and eaten the fare difference. Not Qatar.

So, as the Qatar fare sale comes to end, please have realistic expectations of the customer service provided by Qatar.

Qatar Airways


  1. […] I wrote over the weekend about a disappointing experience with Qatar Airways UK reservations office. Basically a time change out of Amsterdam meant a pretty unhelpful connection in Doha – the time change was 4 hours. I had planned a nice evening in a bed in Doha, but the now, my early morning arrival, meant being stuck. The airline wouldn’t give me a hotel room, not would they move me to an earlier connecting flight out of Doha, unless I paid the difference. […]


  1. To me personally, is it even worth it? As London based, getting to Amsterdam. Taking a flight AMS-DOH-BKK with a LONG connection. You are increasing your travel time by 70, 80%++. Not to mention, BKK is a heavily discounted market (even from LHR). I know, I know, it was probably €700’ish ex-AMS. But, I personally rather spend £1300+/- and get to my destination faster ex-LHR on an airline that really wants my business. Perhaps, it sort of becomes the question : “is it really worth it?” or more so “you get what you pay for.” I just don’t think connecting in the middle of the night (super early morning) in the Middle East is worth it, unless you are in a position (a situation I looked at the other day) where as the nonstop was £6000’ish and the Etihad connection flight was £1500’ish. I seldom chase Qatar deals just for this reason. I just don’t like the airline or the connections. But, then again, I can also be a “bit” of a princess.

  2. American airlines is not that great either. They will not help you at all even if you are platinum. They are very informal and super rich so they think that they don’t need no one. It is the way of the future. Flying is not what it used to be.

  3. I had a terrible experience with Qatar Airways in Nov 2016 during my return flight from Tehran to Darwin Australia via Doha. The plane had to be returned halfway Tehran to Doha to Tehran Airport without the pilot giving honest information to the passengers on board. We stayed in the plane for a couple of hours in Tehran Airport before we could fly back to Doha. Everybody missed the connecting flights to Asia Australia and Europe etc. They changed my flight pass for a flight via Singapore to Darwin instead of KL to Darwin. But just half an hour before this flight they again said the plane can not land because of poor visibility or so. I and other passenger to other cities of Australia waited on the airport for another 3 hours before they could arrange an accommodation. They gave me a ticket to Adelaide and then a Qantas domestic ticket to Darwin. In Adelaide I figured out that the ticket was not a Qantas but a Jetstar which was a budgetry career with minimal baggage and onboard services. I Had to negotiate in Adelaide airport for my 24 kg baggage and 9 kg on board bag. On thsee flights I lost 20 hours. I communicated with Justin their manager in Doha for compensation he refused to even apologise! I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO FLY QATAR AIRWAYS OR USE DOHA AIRPORT FOR TRANSIT. THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS A THIRD WORLD SHOT WITH EMPTY AMBITIONS AND FRAUD!!!!

  4. Welcome to my world of dealing with QR on-ground. I switched to this airline about 3 years ago. Last year I did nearly 400K miles with them so have Platinum status. I don’t actually know what benefits I get.

    I love stepping onto their aircraft. I do think they are world’s best so I disagree with you on that point.

    But on-ground, bloody awful. Any time I have had an issue, it is typical Middle-Eastern mentality, they will not confront issues, they dig their heels in and hope we go away. But if you stick with it, they eventually come around.

    But talk about making it difficult. They are specialists at it. What happened to you is appalling. They caused the problem and then harassed you before giving you a solution.

    I thought I would comment so you know, you aren’t on your Pat-Malone when it comes to experiencing appalling on-ground service with QR. ( And if you think thy are bad, don’t ever have an issue with EY! Holy cow, they have taken issues management to a whole new obstructionist, holier than thou place.

    But I will stick QR because I love them in the air.

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