Hyatt relaunches Gold Passport web site – only a few bugs

Overnight Hyatt relaunches its Gold Passport web site – – if you want to take a test drive. You login using your account number and password from the old site,

Immediately you will see that it looks fresher and fits more with the Hyatt printed materials and generally looks easier to navigate.

Gold Passport

You will also notice the first bug! The status dials show that I am only 16 stays from LIFETIME status, and not 16 stays from requalification, which is what is should say.

As you scroll down the page populates with your upcoming reservations and latest posted stay. There is a bug here too – most reports seem to indicate that no reservations are pulling through from the reservations system – as you can see here for me:

Gold Passport iweb site

The information is accurate about the last stay but none of my upcoming reservations are available to view.

The Account Details section, which can view by clicking the blue link about the yellow Points Earned box continues to omit the upcoming stays:

Gold Passport Web Site

However, the layout of My Past Activity is much better (although why two decimal points I don’t know):

Gold Passport My Stays

Clicking in the + to the left of the activity expands it to show useful information, such as Eligible Spend as well as the points earned for that stay. Awards, including the use of Suite Upgrades are now shown in the activity as are award redeemed, including cash and points, such as much example for Melbourne. The date show is the date the reservation was made, not the date of the stay. Opening the + just shows how much the co-pay is – there is no indication of the date of the stay for which the points are deducted. This would be on my wish list.

Gold Passport 7

It is worth checking your Profile too, even if you are a long time member, as I found that mine did not have several email types selected. For example, the monthly email statements were unselected when I looked there. I turned them by clicking next to them:

Gold Passport Web Site 6

The rewards section is much enhanced, with a clear list of options to use your point balance.

Gold Passport web site 8

Another new feature lets you search properties in an area and displays their redemption level. This example is for San Francisco.


Gold Passport Web Page 10

There is some visual clarity on the Benefits pages as to those obtained at each tier of Gold Passport.

Overall, a good start, but it’s odd that beta testing didn’t catch the two bugs mentioned.



  1. I have an upcoming stay booked through United Air travel.(aka Mark Travel) You are not supposed to see the rate in which the consolidated booked you at but mine is leaking through on the new site.
    Also, it says I have only one kid staying on my upcoming reservation on the new site but the old site still shows 2 kids.

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