Lounge Review: United Global First, Heathrow Terminal 2

United Club T2

Looking to cash in some United miles and so flying to Hong Kong First Class on Thai, I recently visited the United Global First Lounge at Terminal 2 at Heathrow.

The terminal outside is all light, breezy (as it is open to the air at both ends) and contains the huge metal feature sculpture.


IMG_2560 LHR T2

Once inside I did not need to wait for Thai to open as they are on the self-service check-in machines. You cannot check-in online as there is a passport check but the machines do this fairly efficiently.

The walk from the terminal is LONG! I knew that Thai used the remote gates and so it worth going to the United Lounge before my flight as it is in the same general area.

Leaving Security, you emerge on the upper level of the terminal. I terminal I had not been to since the pre-opening tour and my trip on the second flight to leave there on opening day.



Once you do emerge in to the B gates the terminal spreads to left and right. The United Lounge is to the right and a short walk.


Take the lift up and you reach the United Club. Turn around and you can access the United Global First Lounge.

Breakfast was in full swing when I arrived and there are a number of tableclothed tables in the centre where waiters will bring you items from the menu.

United Club T2 United Club T2

The Eggs Benedict was a huge portion, but fresh and very tasty.

United Club T2 United Club T2

Fresh Juice and a coffee were also prepared for me.

After eating I had a walk around the lounge, and it was very much how I recalled it from the tour. Not huge, but plenty of different areas – eating, meeting and resting/working.

United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2

The self service buffet was extensive and whilst the staff were happily clearing plates they were not intrusive. The buffet featured hot and cold items and there was a separate sweet-bar at the end. (Last image below). This was my favourite as there were great sweets and cakes on offer.

United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2 United Club T2

The loos are single person cubicles and fairly large – enough to get changed in or to have a wash.LHR T2

There were no boarding announcements but plenty of people being called for final call, having enjoyed the lounge too much. I left in plenty of time for the fiasco that Thai calls boarding at Heathrow. But more of that later.

In the meantime, it’s a good solid lounge, one of the best on the United network.


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