So just how loyal have I been to Hyatt?

Hyatt Stays 2010-2015

Hyatt’s web site allows you to download your stays for the previous 5 years – not terribly useful unless you happen to be reconsidering your loyalty after the recent ‘Status Giveaway’ in which Hyatt responded to the Starwood/Marriott merger by handing out top level elite status to anyone who tweeted and had ONE stay at a chain where they had elite status.

Annoyed? Me? You can read about it here.

So, back to the web site.

The joys of Excel and the ability to paste all the stay data in to a spread sheet let me chart my stays – as you can see above.

Key stats for the past 5 years:

  • 146 stays
  • 60 different properties
  • 177,011 base Gold Passport points earned

Several of the hotels are no longer part of Hyatt and there are a decent number of Hyatt Place hotels.

Have you worked out how much you have stayed with Hyatt?




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