UK nationals to get right to apply for US Global Entry access in a month!

Global Entry

The US Ambassador to the UK yesterday announced that Global Entry would become available to UK nationals in 4 weeks time. Offering queue busting immigration, several UK nationals (including me) managed to secure access during a trial a couple of years ago. It’s been a god send.

In addition, when flying on US carriers (and Air Canada), by entering your Known Traveller ID, you can secure access to the TSA Precheck lines for faster security at US airports.

The applicant must pay the Home Office a £42 processing fee for background checks. If you pass you then are given a code to access the Global Entry system. Here you pay US$100 for 5 years of membership. Before being activated you have to attend an in-person interview.

As more details become available I will update people. BUT, if you’re a regular US visitor it’s the best £100 you’ll ever spend.

The press release is here.

A full list of centres open for interviews is here.

The Home Office page detailing how the process will operate is here – says it’s in beta!


  1. As a Beta tester I feel it was £42 well spent! Application was processed and a code for the GOES system provided within 24 hours of applying. So much easier than having to apply for a police certificate! It has been well thought out.

    Now to wait for CBP to process my application, then Global Entry here I come 🙂

    Exciting things are to come for UK citizens with this latest partnership.

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